NanoInsulate will develop durable, robust, cost-effective opaque and transparent vacuum insulation panels (VIPs) incorporating new nanotechnology-based core materials (such as nanofoams, aerogels and aerogel composites) and high-barrier films, that are up to six times more energy efficient than current solutions.

These new systems will provide product lifetimes in excess of 50 years suitable for a variety of new-build and retrofit building applications. Robustness (resistance to physical and climatic damage) is key in these applications.

Initial building simulations based on the anticipated final properties of the VIPs indicate reductions in heating demand of up to 74% and CO2 emissions of up to 46% for Madrid, Spain and up to 61% and 55% respectively for Stuttgart, Germany for a building renovation

which reduces the U-value of the walls and roof from 2.0 W/m.2K to 0.2 W/m.2K.

This reduction could be achieved with NanoInsulate products down to 25 mm thick, giving a cost-effective renovation without the need of changing all the reveals and ledges. Novel design and mounting techniques will be used to promote physical robustness Similarly, significant reductions in U-values of transparent VIPs (3 W/m.2K to 0.5 W/m.2K) are shown by substituting double glazed units in existing building stock.

Six industrial & four research based partners from seven EU countries will come together to engineer novel solutions capable of being mass produced.

Target final manufacturing costs for insulation board (production rates above 5 million m2/year) <50% current costs (based on design R-value over 50 years, not initial value).

NanoInsulate vacuum Insulation panels promise a thinner future

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The NanoInsulate project is supported by funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007 – 2013) under grant agreement no. NMP4-SL-2010-260086.

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